Building foundations for a lifetime.
                   Building foundations for a lifetime.
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Adults who are interested in building a caring relationship with teens and making a positive difference in their lives. You will meet with youth each week during Rock Solid. You're encouraged to spend time together, including involvement in activities and eating together. At least a twelve month commitment is strongly encouraged.



Adults who are competent in an academic field of study and are willing to spend at least forty–five minutes a week, one on one, tutoring a teenager.


Food Coordinator

You're basically in charge of preparing and serving food for Rock Solid Café on a particular day. You will also supervise students who sign-up to help in the kitchen. Youth need to work at least fifteen minutes to receive their payment of free candy or pop. The Café closes at 6:30 p.m. to provide time to clean the café by 7:00 p.m.


Activity Leaders

If you have something unique to offer, we might just be able to use your talent to engage students. It could also be an activity in the sports activity room, organizing a board game, Wii sports competition, cooking class, science experiment. The possibilities are endless.


Group Leader

Every evening we would like to spend at least ten minutes in a group event, which may include singing, a brief video, drama or a short message that addresses character building issues.


Welcome Desk

One of the most challenging tasks is to get students registered and checked in. The parents/guardians can either download a form or fill one out online. Our preference is that they fill out the form online, as it goes directly to our database. The registration form provides important information such as

  • Emergency contact information.
  • Agreement that they have read the rules and will abide by them.
  • Approval to have their photo taken.
  • Tutoring needs.
  • Transportation agreement.


Students use a finger scanner to check in and out. (The scanner information is only stored in the computer and cannot be accessed any other way). One of the rules is that they’re not supposed to leave and come back, but we need someone at the welcome desk to enforce the rule.


Photography Team

A very important task is to take photos to capture moments when youth are enjoying themselves, volunteering, participating in a service project or being tutored. The challenge is to make certain that everyone in the photo is registered and has the approval of their parents/guardians to have their photo taken.


Head Administrator

This would likely be an intern who could take the place of the full-time Director on occasion. The person must be able to lead and communicate with youth. The Head Administrator is responsible for overseeing the activities on one day of the week, from the beginning, until its conclusion. The ability to recruit, coordinate, and lead volunteer's is also helpful. We have a sign-up sheet on which kids can volunteer to help in the kitchen or clean. Along with the Food Coordinator, the Head Administrator makes certain the youth actually do the work for which they signed up.


Assistant Head Administrator

The person assists the Head Administrator in providing general oversight. Understanding what the rules are for the kids and the roles are for student volunteers will help give clarity regarding responsibilities.


Setup Crew

If you believe in students but enjoy working behind the scenes and are available around 3:15 p.m. for setup, this may be for you. The setup person is responsible to turn on the sound equipment, lights, fans, computers, TV’s, put the balls out in the sports activity room, set the back door alarm, etc.  Mondays can be the most challenging, as we often rent out the facility on weekends and people often do not clean up after themselves or put tables, chairs, etc. back where they found them.


Cleanup Crew

Volunteers can help with cleaning during Rock Solid hours: picking up, wiping tables, mopping up spills, etc. If they come across a major mess, it will go down as a “strike” (see below). The Cleanup Crew usually starts around 6:30 p.m. Presently we have additional responsibilities, following the COVID-19 guidelines.


All Adult Volunteers

When we are short on staff we use what is called the “3 Strike Rule.” After three major violations we close for the day. When there are additional adults present, we can discipline students individually, which is usually first a warning, and then they are asked to leave for the day. If it’s a major violation, they may be asked to stay away for a longer period of time. Our rules are as follows:


  1. No sitting on tables, counters, window ledges or under tables.
  2. There is no foul/bad language (cussing) or name-calling used at Rock Solid.
  3. Fighting is not allowed.
  4. Breaking/stealing equipment will not be tolerated and will require payment for replacement.
  5. Leaving Rock Solid and then returning later is not permitted. When checking out, teens are required to leave the premises.
  6. Staff will be respected at all times.
  7. Playing in restrooms is not allowed.
  8. Running is not permitted except in sports activity room (Blackbox Theater).
  9. No weapons or drugs including guns, knives, lighters, matches, etc., will be tolerated.
  10. Discipline can be a verbal warning, thinking time, cleaning of items (trash pick-up, etc.) or removal from the program (This is for a serious offense or repeated discipline problems) at the Director's discretion. Three group violations will result in early closer.

Download Staff Handbook

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